Why Is E-Learning A Good Teaching Strategy?

E-learning is an idea whose time has arrived and that too, with a bang! The workforce of the new millennium prefers e-learning for their training purposes.


Here are a few features of e-learning:

  • E-learning is self-paced and learners can speed up or slow down, according to their needs.
  • There is self-direction of learning and learners can select tools and content suited to their needs and skill levels.
  • E-learning adopts multiple styles of learning and uses various styles of delivery to cater to different learners. E-learning development companies use various modes to design and deliver content.
  • Design of e-learning content and method revolves around the learner.
  • There is getting rid of geographical barriers, giving greater coverage for e-learning.
  • There is 24/7 accessibility to the training such that scheduling is easy and a greater number of people can attend the course.
  • Learning can happen anywhere, any time because of on-demand access.
  • Additional costs (lodging, food, parking, fuel) and travel time are reduced considerably.
  • Cost of training is much lower (arranging classroom, catering, transport etc.).
  • Enhances collaboration between learners and also learner-trainer interaction.
  • Enhances internet literacy and digital skills.

Some Benefits of E-Learning:

Portability and Convenience:

  • One can access courses as per one’s schedule.
  • E-learning does not require trainer or learner to be present physically.
  • Learning is customized and self-paced (not slow or fast).
  • One is not restricted according to time. There is 24/7 availability of courses.
  • There are no geographical barriers: study on the road, in office or at home.
  • Read content online or download it to read later at one’s convenience.

Selection and Cost:

  • Select from a wide range of courses that suit your requirement.
  • Cost of training is much lower.
  • One can gain access to individual courses.
  • Use –learning to gain a new degree, a new skill or a new hobby.


  • E-learning is student – centered. It caters to the needs of the learner.
  • Method of training can be instructor led or self-study.
  • One can skip topics one does not need and concentrate on those one likes and one needs.
  • One can use the best tools suited to one’s learning style.
  • One can be trained from anywhere/ any time.

Enhanced Retention:

  • E-learning presents content in formats that learners will enjoy. As such, content will be retained by learner in a much more efficient manner.

Enhanced Collaboration:

  • Because of new technology, there is greater interaction between learners, especially in the comfort of relative anonymity.
  • Information and knowledge can be shared globally.

These are some of the benefits of e-learning in education and training.

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