Breaking The Barriers of Traditional Learning: Mobile Learning


Since the technology has invaded the life of an individual, every now and then, people are witnessing change, which is not only good but life changing. Say, online banking has led businesses to grow faster; classroom recording of lectures has opened a new way to make the student learn in their comfort zone and much more such things.


But the latest one, which has actually revolutionized the world is mobile e-learning. This has actually shifted the traditional classrooms towards the more efficient and non-conventional methods which only have benefits and nothing else. And this is the latest topic, which is going to discuss in this article.

The working of mobile learning

The whole mobile learning system works on a software, which is known as the LMS, learning management system. It provides different types of training and study materials, which a student would require in the process of learning through mobile. Here, a student learns through playing quizzes, games, interacting with learners, participating in training, etc. now, earlier these things were only present on websites which were hardly responsible to smartphones and mobiles, but then since the mobile technology has evolved, there came a mobile version of software, which has led a major change in mobile learning. Students can download the necessary materials, can watch the videos, and can play questionnaire for the practice sessions.

Benefits of mobile learning

  • The e-learning or can say mobile learning has brought a great shift in flexibility while studying. Students are now more flexible that when and how they want to study.
  • With the accessibility of learning through the mobile system, students have achieved a great sense of completion and they are more indulged in it. They are slowly becoming good learners.
  • This has also led a great sense of collaboration among the students, where they learn and collaborate to expand the premises of knowledge.
  • As this is next generation technology, it has made students engaging themselves as much as possible. They are more into solving the puzzles and taking quizzes.
  • As there are different levels designed for the kids, they have a systematic path to make them good learners. If they start from beginner’s level, they end up being a pro in studies. And this is what motivates them.
  • This also leads a good habit in kids, which is for sharing. When the students from worldwide meet each other on such portal, they generally share knowledge and tricks, and, no wonder the kids are being benefited.

So, this is how e-learning or mobile learning is changing the era and contributing in the better studies.

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