Benefits of Induction Training Program and Online Instructor LED Training

induction training program

What is the induction training program?

Induction Training Program is the process of introducing the employees with the rule and regulations of the company. The employees are basically introduced to their daily work routine and responsibilities. During an induction training program, the new hires are introduced and told about the company’s history, mission, objectives, vision and more. Also, they share the policies of the company. The training is provided to the newly hired employees by HR or employer to make the employee aware of their tasks and a new job. It plays a major role in making employees comfortable at the work space.

Purpose of the induction training program

The main purpose of induction to make the newly hired person comfortable and informative about the organization. It helps employees to get a sense of organization and create a favorable atmosphere by removing confusion about anything related to their work responsibilities and organization. It can be face to face or online instructor led training.



When an employee comes to any organization he/she may have many queries and can be nervous enough to start her/his new roles. With the help of an induction training, the program can quickly get answers about every query and it saves a lot of time of the employee as well as of the employer.

Understanding about workplace culture

It helps an employee to get a sense of the workplace and learn about the workplace and its culture. It introduces the norms and expectations of the company.  It many times informs about every little thing like dress code and much.

Good communication

The induction training program establishes good communication with the organization. As on induction, an employee is introduced to the supervisor, team leaders and co-workers, director and manager of the organization. So in case, if there is anything that is making things weird for employee he/she can simply talk to people around.

It provides the necessary information.

As it is mentioned above the main purpose of any induction program is to tell them everything about the organization, his/her role.  So it is very helpful for any organization and employee as it clarifies all the doubts.


Mostly induction training programs do sent have any disadvantages as it is beneficial for both the company and employee as it is the exchange of information and clarifies all the doubts of the employee. It helps one to adjust in totally new atmosphere. It is basically one on one coaching that makes thing easier for employee and establishes communication between organization and employee.

Types of the induction program

Formal Induction Program

The formal introduction is planned it is more time taking. This is planned accordingly and has sessions to make it more interactive for both the employer and employee. It is formals so all the things are told to the employee.

Informal Induction program

Informal induction programs are not planned thing is done accordingly the employee ‘s designation. It is mostly done as work training where an employee is learning a lot on themselves.

An induction training program is very beneficial for the employee. It makes things comfortable for the enables the employee to contribute to the organization so it beneficial for the company too.

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