Benefits Of E-Learning To Education


The newest generation is savvy with technology. Today’s kids have grown up with tablets, smartphones and laptops. Thus the internet is playing an important role in their lives.Studies reveal that kids are spending more time on the net than watching TV.

Thus the time has become opportune for using e learning development for education. There are numerous benefits of using e-learning for education. Some of the main points are:

  • Personalization: Teachers of traditional classrooms have often experienced how difficult it is to manage classes composed of students of different learning types. They know how tough it is to handle learners of different paces and approach to learning methods. Some students can grasp quickly while others need repetition. Here e-learning is a great support to teachers. E-learning programs can adjust to learning styles of students and their personal progress. Being self-paced, e-learning is highly motivational to students.
  • Interactivity: Passivity is a very important obstacle to effective learning in the traditional classroom. Mere exposure to content via classroom interaction or video lectures is less likely for engaging the long term memory of a student because there is no experience of knowledge. On the other hand, e-learning offers several ways to engage students in an active fashion.
  • Engagement: Real world scenarios can be simulated by technology using virtual tools such as role plays and multi-player simulations. This enables learners to gain experience of real world situations in safe and secure settings which boosts their confidence.
  • Scalability: E-learning enables the quick communication of new concepts and ideas. It is a nimble tool for formal education.
  • Efficiency and consistency: e-learning can cover a wide range of audience and also ensures content is delivered in a consistent way. All learners have access to same content.
  • Higher retention: E-learning results in a higher rate of retention. There is also the benefit that course work can be updated and refreshed, whenever required.
  • Savings of money and time: Arranging a classroom and a teacher is much more expensive than creating and delivering an e-learning program. Use of e-learning in education reduces time spent away from home, gets rid of the need to travel as well as the need for classrooms.
  • Evaluation: Learning Management systems enable accurate and real time monitoring of progress of students. Making reports of student performance is equally easy.
  • Environment friendly: E-learning reduces carbon footprint by eliminating the need for paper based learning material.

Thus e-learning has many benefits in the field of education.

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