Benefits of E-Learning for Companies


Today, most companies are recognizing the need for online training of employees. They report that e-learning is among the best methods of training they use. They are able to save 50% of funds and 60% of time in comparison to traditional instructor based training.

 Yet some HR managers are unsure about the value of e-learning in training. Here are some proven benefits of e-learning for corporate training that can convince them:


  • Reduce costs: Initial investment in developing training material may be slightly heavy but cost of maintenance and deployment of training materials is far less. There is no longer need for printed training manuals or any on site instructors.
  • Quick deployment of training material:Employees are able to access information conveniently and quickly instead of waiting for training material. For instance, recent sales figures can be deployed instantaneously.
  • Convenience: employees can access information when and where they want. For accessing a service procedure, an employee can refer to information on it, at once. All he needs to do is to browse through the Learning ManagementSystem (LMS) of the organization which contains all relevant information. You can create an LMS with the help of an elearning development company.
  • Improved retention: e-learning methods like gamification, work simulation and interactive programs help the employee retain more knowledge and skills. A Stanford study found that micro-learning- learning in tiny, interactivemodules led to more retention and skill development.
  • Individual Pace: E-learning enables employees to pursue training at their personal pace, rather than hurry along or drag with the pace of their colleagues.
  • No need for instructors: e-learning means that there is no more any need for classroom type instructors. This saves money for the company in terms of remuneration, travel and accommodation cost etc.
  • Easy updates: Updating information on training material is easy with online LMS. If you want to update on company policy or any latest sales figures and you want to apprise your staff about it, you can do it automatically on the LMS without having to rewrite or reprint manuals or reference guides. This enables employees stay one step ahead of the competition in the market.
  • Easy access to information: e-learning enables employees to access information on the company, conveniently and instantaneously. You can give access to webinars, videos and articles which will help employees widen their knowledge base and sharpen their skills.
  • Boosts productivity of employees: Well trained and well-motivated employees are a boon to your company. They will help improve company bottom line and company image.

These are some of the benefits of E-learning in corporate training.

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