How Is Animation Useful In E-Learning?

Animation technology had a humble origin but today is an integral part of everyday life and popular culture. This industry was worth a whopping $222 billion in 2013 and is expanding fast.

2D animation company in India

Animation has great potential in the current e-learning revolution. For instance, a 2D animation company in India may help develop modules catering to a range of business needs such as product launch, code of conduct and communications training. More and more e-learning companies are using cutting edge technology to develop affordable, good animation content.

The following are the advantages of animation in e-learning courses:

  • Connection:

There is more likelihood that learners will respond to e-learning content if it includes people or images of people. Much good work can be achieved through animation characters by fostering an emotional connection between them and learners. By this, learners will interact, care for, engage with or pay attention to e-learning. This connection between learner and content enhanced by animation will work wonders.

  • Visual communication:

Animation can be a good tool, if you want to show a function, task or procedure inside your e-learning content. It can depict progression of subject matter –from before, to now, to future. Learners are also able to stop the action and rewind learning content, if they missed any part of it.

  • Non-threatening:

We are all used to animation in popular culture.  Most of us are familiar with this medium and have the attitude that it is non-threatening, since it is associated with the tender years of childhood. This quality is valuable if you need to depict a serious conversation or want to portray a neutral character.

  • Flexibility:

Animation is a perfect solution if the activity or narrative that needs to be included within e-learning content cannot be depicted in any other way. This happens due to practicalities and sensitivities. Any which way, animation is the right solution when you need moving images and when video is not a practical option. It enables you to use more creativity in your content like portraying a superhero or a flying character.

  • Focus:

Including dollops of animation in your e-learning content can serve to build focus on particular themes or ideas. One can guide the movement of the eyes of the learner to focus on some parts of the content or training module. This is good when you don’t want a full-blown animation package, yet want to engage learners.

These are some reasons why corporate and k12 e learning companies in India are growing fond of including animation in the e-learning content. The various benefits associated with it, cannot be ignored.

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