What Is E-Learning Content?


When it comes to what actually e-learning content is, it can be referred to as an online study course or materials including videos, audios, lecture slides, workshop files, and many others made available through electronic resources.

In this digital era, the usage of digital media by the people is increasing for learning and pursuing their education. The formats of the e-learning content created and modified according to the individual requirements are fundamental for successful learning. The scenario of digital learning ranges from web-based training sessions to interactive learning using different forms of media. An individual when learning online can have access to different types of e-learning content.

Mentioning different types of e-learning content:

Following mentioned are different types of e-learning content that are being popularly used:

Slide-based Courses:

Whenever people hear of e-learning content, slide-based courses are the first ones to come to their minds. These types of courses have a similar appearance and feel to the PowerPoint presentations. One must consider opting for slide-based courses if they already have learning materials in the form of presentations, documents, or PDFs or want to undertake quick offline training in the online format.


Quizzes, assessments, or tests- no matter what you call them, are becoming an essential component of almost every learning course. The reason behind it is that quizzes help to track the knowledge of learners at a faster rate. These offer an interactive way to provide a breakpoint between the main topics.


E-books are just the normal physical books transformed into electronic ones. This form of e-learning content acts as a quick and easy way to share more detailed concepts. Usually, e-books are available in Word or PDF format which makes it easy to read and learn the concepts.

Engaging videos:

Video contents are more engaging than the text or pictures. Nowadays you can find videos on whatever topic you want to learn on the Internet making it easier to understand the concept. Courses not only provide access to live videos, but you can also access recordings of the missed lectures.


The rising popularity of podcasts as the mainstream form of media has led organizations to use them as a convenient tool for e-learning. Podcasts are mobile-friendly and available 24/7 allowing the learners to listen to them and learn whatever they want to at any time ad any place.

Dialogue stimulations:

Dialogue stimulations are popularly used by businesses as the effective e-learning content type that allows them to simulate a real-world conversation with their customers or any third party. This specific e-learning content form is great for teaching different types of training scenarios such as customer service, sales skills, etc involving the need for effective conversation between two parties.

Serious games:

This is the most common type of e-learning content. Here we are talking about more serious games not fun gamification. Serious e-learning games are customized programs that provide learning in a fun and interactive way. The e-learning games feature complex gameplay and rich graphics rewarding the learners for completing the tasks or different stages.

AR and VR Simulations:

This is the most sophisticated type of e-learning content. AR and VR-based simulations are amazing technology to train the learners by replicating real-life physical scenarios. These provide a safe environment for learning.

Bottom Line

E-learning content has completely transformed the entire training experience making it easy for learners to gain an education. Now people need not spend hard-earned money on expensive physical education or training programs. Just having access to the different types of e-learning content is enough.

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