Utility of E-Learning to Companies


The companies that are seeking to implement new training programs are now looking at e-learning as an effective mode. E-learning offers much more advantages as compared to conventional face to face class rooms.

In this hugely competitive world of business, companies are turning to e-learning as a means to save energy, time and money. Here is a list of benefits from online training or e-learning:

  • Saves cost: E-learning or online training causes substantial reduction in cost. The company can save on costs like organizing a venue or classroom, learning materials, etc. Updation of training material can be done online without wasting money on altering printed material. Prior to e-learning, updating of training material would be costly in terms of time, effort and money.
  • Enhanced productivity: Employees are always looking for opportunities to grow. One complaint associated with traditional classroom training is that it is time consuming and is a distraction from valuable time of work. With e-learning, employees can learn outside of work hours at any location, which does not reduce but improves their productivity.


  • Convenient and flexible: The Company can deliver the training program in such a way that employees find it most convenient and flexible to participate. Employees can undergo training wherever they can access the internet. This saves energy and time involved in coordinating a training course. Gathering employees in one place at the same time is tough. But e-learning makes training flexible.
  • On time feedback: The Company can provide feedback to employees in real time. The management is able to monitor the progress of the course and performance of employees. Another advantage is that the company need not conduct manual evaluation of course work. Employee performance can be judged by online quizzes and computer based evaluation.
  • Access to information: Whenever an employee needs information regarding a certain issue or policy, he or she can get instant access using online learning material. Gone are the days of relying on sloppy, handwritten classroom notes.
  • Enhanced retention: E-learning makes use of fun and interesting training material enhanced by graphics and animations. This helps employees retain more information.

These are some of the reasons why many corporate trainers are turning to e-learning development companies. The impact of e-learning on bottom line of company cannot be exaggerated because of its effect on boosting employee productivity.

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