How to Use E-Learning for Employee Training?

In today’s competitive market, an organization needs to provide training opportunities to employees not only for developing their skills but also to help in future growth. Today’s corporate employee is looking beyond high compensation and job security; he is also looking for learning and growth opportunities at work.

 For best performance at the job, an employee must be ‘engaged‘in the work assigned to him. Employee training is vital in the corporate scene to help employees to perform well and derive the best out of the work place.


The content of training is not restricted to the work place. Even if training does not impart any skills or knowledge related to the job, it has a durable impact on majority of employees. Today e-learning is transforming the way in which employees are trained.

The following are some e-learning strategies for employee training:

  • Approach:

The general opinion of employees towards training is that it deals with serious topics and is often-‘preachy’. For the success of e-learning based training, the content should grab their attention and not overwhelm the learners.One way is to introduce a graphic idea or an animation which will spark interest and follow it with some thought provoking questions. This will hook the learner’s interest in the subject.

  • Scenario:

When learners fail to connect, the learning scenario can be altered. Scenarios can be created to make the learners familiar with the content and help them relate to it.Scenarios can consist of real people and their experiences which will help learners forge a strong connection with the content.

  • Interactivity:

E-learning courses use interactivity to evaluate learners. But they are also powerful tools to engage learners and can be used to train employees as well.  Many types of inter activities can be used- from audio-visual interaction to simple slide presentations. But these must be kept simple so as not to overwhelm the learner.

  • Longevity:

Employee training needs to be sustainable and enable learners to access information for use in long term.A lot of information can be conveyed to the learner using info-graphics. Training content which has minimal text and lots of graphics will be retained well by the learners (employees). To enable learners to make long term use of training content, job-aids can be embedded within the course. According to the learner’s needs, information can be down loaded and readily    referred.  For developing good training content, a firm can make use of professional e-learning content development services.

These are some ways to use e-learning for employee training.

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