3d people on white background.

The worlds of education and entertainment are converging. The audience which appreciates slick 3D movie or animation are also keenly taking up e-learning courses.3D animation is the three dimensional image digital display, which adds  realistic, vivid and entertaining results  like digital games and cartoons.

The current trend is of immersive and experiential training and marketing.  3D Animation development companies are creating innovative strategies for keeping target audience engaged with the help of emerging technologies. 3D animation and Augmented reality (AR) are helping learners experience problem solving and decision making in an almost real world environment.

3D virtual worlds simulate learning digitally in which learners can explore learning content, participate in online activities and succeed in communicating with others. Animators give life to learning concepts, choosing from latest 3D and 2D technologies, white board animation, motion graphics, cell animation etc.

The best part is that animation programs for e-learning work cross-platform-they can be delivered on televisions, computers, smart phones and tablets. Technically accurate and high fidelity animations have proved to be instrumental in making effective e-learning across industries. For instance, in safety and health industry, realistic 3D animation provides risk free and effective learning environments.

3d people on white background.
3d people on white background.

3D animation is a powerful learning tool used:

  • For alerting users and providing them incentives to deal successfully with new knowledge via attractive and vivid representations. Particularly when it is used at the start of an e-learning course, it gives a positive predisposition to learners that they are headed for an enjoyable program.
  • To help explain a complex concept or elucidate a tricky concept. In sum, it enables users to go through each action/step of a process in a comprehensible, vivid and direct way, in short modules without tiring the audience with long, verbal explanations.
  • To introduce a product, explain its parts and how to use it: Realistic, 3D images of the product and its immediate value can be communicated.
  • To present information is such a way that learners can retain content, enables it to be remembered easily and can be visualized in a specific context.

But most educational research points out that the proper pedagogical design is given importance as essential requirement to achieve expected learning results. 3D animation script has been designed and created for achieving the requirements of the relevant course as well as meeting the needs of the learner. It takes into account former knowledge and experience as well as the different methods of learning applicable to adults. E-learning companies in India will help you with the process.

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