Top Questions To Ask Before Starting Any E-Learning Project

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Digital learning of top quality depends on more than the tools used to create it. Often, one falls at the first hurdle and forgets to lay down the foundation for success. There are a few key questions to ask before beginning a new project.

The first stage for an e-learning development company while starting a project is called as the ‘Capture stage’. The authors of digital learning, who are most successful, invest time in getting to know their audience and map out their goals at the outset. This helps them expose key information needed to make a successful e-learning experience. They also devote time to refine and reflect throughout the project such that content of e-learning will meet needs of audience and deliver the required change.

Here are the top questions to ask:

  • What are the objectives of the project?

You must determine the goals of the project and what is involved in a scenario of success. Ensure that you and your team know with crystal clarity about this- this will save you headache and wastage of time later on.

  • Who comprises the target audience and what do you expect out of them?

Consider the challenges and goals of your audience or target learner group and the exact reasons why they need this learning project. Ensure you know what the behaviour changes you desire in your learners are, as the goal of the project.

  • How can e-learning project help target audience make these behaviour changes?

Devote some time to work out the process which learners might need to undergo and the mode in which you can help them in this process.

  • Do you have enough resources at your disposal to make the project successful?

Dwell at length whether there are existing resources which you can re-use. Consider resources who have relevant insight and expertise, useful for your project. These might be designers, writers, subject experts etc.

By asking these questions, you can deliver a learning experience which engages learners and delivers good Return on Investment (ROI). Here are some top tips for the initial stage of your project:

  • Determine time: You can keep some time saved for later so that you can reach your goals faster.
  • Bring your colleagues into the picture: engage with them, discussions about audience needs and project goals. With more insights, you can gain a fuller picture.
  • Do not hesitate to enquire from learners about their needs. You may conduct a survey and solicit their feedback.

These are some tips that will be useful for e-learning development company before start of project.

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