Role of E-Learning in Business Application


The present scenario is that of knowledge based economy. To survive the competition, employees of large and small companies need to keep abreast of latest skills and knowledge.

E-learning is the latest buzz in the training scene. It is slowly but definitely creating a positive impact on training needs of small organizations.

Here are a few benefits of e-learning to small industry:

  • Convenience: E-learning gives a lot of flexibility to the learners or employees. They can take up the course where and when they like. Many employees undertake e-learning outside office hours.
  • Access to learning material: With e-learning, organizations are able to provide training material to employees which will otherwise be unavailable to them. This material may be in different forms: expert written documents and literature, case studies or even direct contact with experts via live chat or video-conferencing.
  • Modularity: Most e-learning courses are modular and proceed in a logical manner. But the learner has the opportunity to do or re-do only part of the course relevant to him. This makes the course highly personalized.


  • Learning at individual pace: Employees can learn at their individual pace. This suits the industry where employees come from various professional and educational backgrounds. Some want to hurry with their course and others want o take it slow. Both are possible with e-learning.
  • Instant feedback: Learners can take online quizzes of multiple-choice type. Even other subjective tests can be evaluated and feedback provided via electronic means such as live chat, video conferencing, e-mail, SMS etc.
  • Different styles: Learning material can be presented in different styles by including graphics, video and audio modes.
  • Updating courses: Making changes or updating learning material is easy in the e-learning course. Compare it to reprinting printed material, which takes time and money. The e-course can be used for a long time without wasting too much money in updating it. Classroom material becomes outdated very fast but e-learning material lasts a long while.

E-learning content development companies can help small and medium companies with their training needs. It is vital to hone the skills and knowledge of employees in this era of globalization and competition.

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