The Need for 2D animations

In this age of increasing technological advancements, 2D animation still hasn’t lost its charm or relevance. While 3D animations make it possible to portray a greater amount of detail, and greater reality, 2D animations are preferred for making animated explainer videos for companies and educational material. With the greater artistic freedom offered, it is easier to depict various actions that can make the video more compelling and fun for the viewer. This ultimately also has a greater recall value. Using one of the best 2d animation company in India to create your content will definitely help in various ways.

 Benefits of Using 2D Animation

  • 2D animation has stood the test of time and the relevance has never faded. It continues giving stellar results. Moreover, there are various companies that specialize in creating 2D animations that can be tailored to your own requirements. It can make your concepts come alive and get across to your viewer.
  • The process of creating a 2D animation is simpler and much quicker. This also means that the production costs are very low. Since 2D animation relies on their own style and not how realistic the elements are, there are no additional costs incurred in creation.
  • It is very easy to tailor a 2D animation video to the specific client needs. This is because you can bring out the concept in various differents Moreover, in case any part of it has to be changed, it is easy to make the changes. Redrawing the error and adding it in does not create much hassle.
  • There is a beauty in simplicity that appeals to all audiences. The animations that you get in 2D manage to be so simple that the end result is stunning. The message comes across very clearly since there are no added complexities to the video that may take away the attention of the viewer. For various complex projects, it makes sense to invest in a 2D animation since it can simplify the message greatly.
  • The size of 2D animation allows it to be spread and distributed across a large number of platforms. Since it generally has a smaller size than 3D videos, the portability and compatibility are much greater. Moreover, since computer graphics can be used in the creation, the size can be altered according to the purpose of the animation. Adaptability allows for the stories conveyed by the animation to be played on various platforms. This flexibility is a great advantage.

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