Mobile Based Learning Has Brought New Edge In E-Learning

Mobile Based Learning

Mobile Based Learning

Apart from website based learning, e-learning has also extended its scope to mobile based learning application and people can now use such application on the go. Mobile based application has the biggest advantage of movability and portability.

What are mobile based learning applications?

Mobile learning is also a subset of e-learning. It focuses on learning with mobile devices like mobile phones, laptops, notebooks, tablets, etc. The basic idea of mobile learning is to make a portable and enhanced way of learning where content development company plays a vital role.

Basic characteristics of mobile based learning applications are-

  • Ubiquitous/Spontaneous
  • Portable size of mobile tools
  • Blended
  • Private
  • Collaborative
  • Interactive
  • Instant information

Benefits of mobile learning are-

  • It is easier to carry mobile devices than heavy textbooks and personal computers.
  • It covers a wide range of learners. The number of people owning a mobile device is a larger proportion than people owning a personal computer.
  • It has reduced the cost of learning from a learner’s perspective.

Basic elements of mobile based learning applications are-

  • Learner
  • Teacher
  • Content
  • Assessment
  • Environment

What is content development?

In general, content development is the process of researching, gathering, writing, organizing, and editing information for their publication on various websites across the World Wide Web.

One of the parts of content development is technical documentation which involves the writing of articles based on technical subjects. This documentation includes online help, manuals, white papers, design specifications, developer guides, deployment guides, release notes, etc.

There is no restriction to web content, as it already has moved on from text to other audio-visual media, which includes video clips, presentations, and a host of other interactive forms, which can be picked up by the search engines.

Uniqueness is what the content developers are looking for these days by either keeping a check on plagiarism or by writing their own unique articles, which helps them to achieve greater assurance for uniqueness.

Role of a content development company in mobile based learning

There are many content development companies who along with providing the content development are also providing a mobile application for education as well. Such companies are working hard in the direction of providing quality content for the mobile based learning applications.

So, in this era of digital learning, come hand-in-hand with such portals that are providing smartest applications for e-learning. You will be at ease of learning at a quick pace. Also, as the content development companies have experts writing the content, you can easily rely on the quality of the application.

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