Importance of E-Learning in Corporate Induction Training


A report in 2014 said that on the average, U.S. companies spend around $1208 on each employee for training and development.  As per the same study, the number of training hours per employee also continued to rise. In 2014, this amounted to an average 31.5 hours for every employee. This comes to about $26 on each training hour, per employee.

Technology has an impact on every aspect of corporate communications and training and is particularly important in on-board training for new hires.  A corporate training video is a key component for this induction training. It also helps if corporate video has animation content to explain complicated concepts in a simple and attractive fashion.

On board videos are time and money saving because they are truly versatile. They help to train employees in a consistent, timely manner. Training can be done without disturbing co-workers from doing their regular duty.

Here some advantages of corporate training videos which feature e-learning methods like animation:

  • Smooth distribution: If workers operate from home or undergo training away from office, an e-learning training video will do very well. It is difficult and costly to mail training manuals to all new recruits, especially in a big company. Printing training content wastes money. Corporate e-learning videos cut time and expense of printing and mailing. Videos can be shared via –email or cloud computing system.


  • Consistency: whether there are numerous branches of your firm or a few, it is vital to deliver a consistent training program to all new recruits. All employees must be trained consistently to perform their roles well. The company branding must also be consistent. Every branch of the company must function in a similar fashion or it will lead to customer dissatisfaction.
  • Increased productivity: An e-learning corporate training video will produce great results within a short time. Employees are able to apply what they are taught sooner and more effectively. Animation content makes learning attractive and effective. It is useful when you consider diverse geographical locations of the branches of the firm. Training videos save time not only for new recruits but also for co-workers. New recruits who use on board training also become more productive. They can easily check on training details if in doubt without disturbing co-workers.
  • Better learning: Studies have revealed that employees benefit from training videos much more than lectures and plain text. It has been found that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. This makes clear the value of animation in training videos. One can make use of a 3D animation company to produce good training videos.

These are some benefits of e-learning corporate training videos for new recruits.

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