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Technology has pervaded all aspects of our life and not least of them is the field of education. Earlier, there was a great debate about use of technology in education. There were many diverse opinions on the use of technology in education.

People identified pros and cons of utilizing technology in the educational sphere. But gradually as the impact of technology pervaded the educational sphere, people recognized the critical value  of e-learning  or technology for use  in education. The pros have been found to outweigh the cons and our educational sector is embracing technology in  an unprecedented way. It is hey day for an e-learning company India.

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The following are some ways in which technology or e-learning has helped the educational process:

  • Increased collaboration among teachers: teachers all over the world can share their resources and ideas online. They can communicate with each other instantly, improve on drawbacks in their methods and work, refine their skills and help deliver their bets to students. Thus e-learning definitely  improves the teaching practices.
  • Valuable learning skills: Students can develop skills for research at a very young age. E-learning provides students instant access to quality information in abundance which makes possible learning at much faster rates than before.
  • Access to enormous information: teachers and students have access to humungous amount of information on the net. They can utilize the innumerable credible sources of data and information, available online. There are numerous websites on the net which students can use to maximize their learning.
  • Online learning is as credible as classroom learning: It is true that benefits of face to face interaction between teachers and students are valuable. But students also benefit from the individualized or self paced delivery of learning in e-learning , which is equally valuable. Today, e-learning has garnered formal accreditation which makes it as reliable as classroom learning.

Examples of improvement in learning through e-learning or using technology is as follows:

  • Flipped classroom: This is new concept that has captured modern imagination like never before. In this, children watch lecture videos in the form of home work and it is subject to discussion with teachers and peers in the classroom. This concept has resulted in better performance of students and enhanced their grades. Now, students can learn at individual pace and reserve class time for discussion and interaction. This strategy is used by k12 e learning companies in India.
  • Use in math class: E-learning has proved to help students understand math. For instance, there is a program called as Computer managed learning in which a computer program assesses math learning and provides students with math learning content as well as tools to evaluate their progress via self-assessment. According to research, applications of technology or e-learning have a positive impact on achievement in math.

These are some examples of use of technology or e-learning in education.

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