E-learning – a boon to companies


E-learning has totally revolutionized the method of education and training. In comparisonto the traditional classroomlearning and training, this one offers you a plethora of advantages.

Here we discuss few of the biggest advantages that have given a huge rise to e-learning companies in India.

Highly preferred by the employees – There have been various studies which show that employees, when given the opportunity, would prefer personalized online learning strategy. Nobody wants to enrol themselves in courses which require their physical presence. The advancement in technology and boom in smartphone has changed the way we communicate with the world. And hence, e-learning also has benefited us in many ways. It has made things so easy – you can learn whenever you want, you can learn from wherever you want and much more. There is no hassle of daily traveling to the training centre. Plus, this in turn has promoted social and collaborative learning like never before.


Super-fast delivery – Again, as per studies, e-learning largely reduces the total time to learn something if compared to the classroom style of training. This is because e-learning does not involve too much time to introduce a particular topic and also wrapping it up. Plus, the employee proceeds as and when he wants to. He does not need to waste any time for traveling to the learning centre. And he can also easily skip portions that he feels he knows already are not necessary for him.

Reduced costs – Of course, there is less expense too. E-learning reduces the overall course costs by cutting down on the cost of course materials, accommodation, trainers and travel. Plus, effective training would mean an improvement in the working of the company.

Effective learning – Like said before, the various studies prove that there is a much better approach to the study material, better performance in certifications and tests, larger potential to apply the content to the job and mental retention of the material is also stronger.

Less carbon footprint – This is also E environment friendly since it is paperless and does not require books. So there is no question of deforestation either.

Tracking and Monitoring – If you are choosing a Learning Management System, it is very simply to track the progress of the employees. And so is monitoring their performance.

Flexible: As discussed before, it is very flexible as you can learn from anywhere you want and at your own pace.

These are some of the many advantages of e-learning.

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