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Dynamic Pixel launches e-learning mobile apps which is a new way to access learning content using mobiles. With the help of mobile devices, mobile learning is used to learn many things. All these work can be done by new technology in the market like laptop etc. With these mobile devices mobile e learning becomes very common to use. One can offer audios, videos and many more. Many online assignments were there after the videos. This method of mobile learning is relatively quite interactive and easy to access. It is more about individual consumption. Now with the new advent of technology it seems that learner can talk with the educator anytime and from anywhere. One can learn anything, anytime and from anywhere. Educational systems keep on changing with this advent of mobile learning. Many schools have started using these devices. Children have more interactive study with these devices. Teachers and trainers can also access this mobile e-learning.

To increase interaction educators also use mobile devices for better e-learning and e-learning services. For example, one can ask questions during training by using online discussion session or asking your learners to complete term of syllabus for that duration. Employees also feel more motivated to learn something new and they can take their study materials everywhere with them, especially when the students have not time to study online.  With this mobile e learning audio files , video files images can be added. Videos make it possible to make learning more better and more interesting. While one learner might be in New York and the other in Amsterdam, it’s still possible to view the same content and learn from that place, a main advantage of e- learning.

Dynamic Pixel offers e learning applications software for the vulnerable users for making their learning easy and in one hand only. This e –learning mobile applications proves to be fruitful in the way of learning with these new technologies new experts and experienced workforce administration. Mobile e-learning is free from the replicated things , their uniqueness make it handed over to the clients with in terms of usage.

Learning management system is possible with e – learning. The interface is set up to be fully responsive, which means it will look awesome and work beautifully on all sorts of devices, desktops and mobiles.  With Easy LMS, creating tests are quite easy and training materials with videos, images can be added very easily. Discussion forums can be set up and a real time interaction between the learners. It is also possible to share a survey with the number of users that they can answer during a lecture session. The key advantages of e-Learning applications is the mobility and this trend is called Mobile e-Learning.  The training can get easier for all the mobile devices users: teams, employees, home users and many more. This new training increases your chances to make the e-Learning platform even more attractive for more users.

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