How To Develop Content For All Ages

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Have you been entrusted with the task of developing content by an e learning company? Are you planning on develop content in house? Well no matter in which way you develop it, there are a few crucial factors that you have to keep in mind.

Of the many crucial factors that you have to consider, one is the age of your target readership or learners. The job gets a little tricky is these are k12 e learning companies in india since they have to develop content for kindegarden kids to the ones who are sitting for the final board exams. So how do you make sure that the content that you develop is right and suitable for the target group of learners?

Well first things first- you need to make two clear cut divisions in the team of workers that you are working with. One team should be trained to devise and create content for school books or school e learning courses that will be for class 5-class 12 or 10, whereas the other group will make content for preschool and classes 1-4. This will help in making sure that the content types and the content that is being developed will have a marked difference in them.

The next thing that you need to do is research. Take a look at the sample chapters or books that have been done for each class and the topics that have been covered. This will give you an idea about what kind of content needs to be developed and what will be suitable for each class. It is best to always take feedback from clients if you are working an assignment given to you by another company.

No matter for which age you will be developing content, you will have to be wary of one very important factor- the issue of plagiarism. No content can at any time can be plagiarised and hence you have to check and double check the content that your team will be producing. If need be get hold of a good quality plagiarism checker software and get your content reviewed through it. Make sure you have at least one plagiarism checker assigned for every team to produce a content that will be 100% original.

When it comes to developing content for preschool books for e learning production companies, keep in mind that you will have to keep it as simple as possible and fill up the books with pictures. These pictures are generally collected online but you will need a team of graphic designers who will create fresh content from that because of copyright issues.

If you are developing content for elder classes then check and recheck all the data that you are providing. The data should be error free. Make sure there are enough exercises and pictures that will make the content interactive for these budding learners. It is important that you add evaluation sheets along with the basic study material.

Keep in mind these pointers as they will help you to develop a content that will be useful for your target readership!

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