Why to Use E-Learning as A Tool for Staff Training

Changes in technology are affecting all facets of modern life. The present generation is called as the millennial generation or generation Y and it is characterized mostly for being technically savvy.

The workforce which today is composed mostly of this generation has a different approach to their workplace. While the previous generation was motivated mainly by the pay check, the millennial work force is looking for something more- job satisfaction and meaningful work.


Therefore, e-learning has emerged as the best way to train this workforce. Here are a few advantages for training of corporate staff in this modern era:

  • Round the clock accessibility: E-learning makes training content available 24/7, every day. This enables staff to learn at their own pace and in settings comfortable to them. This means they can be trained out of office hours which saves valuable time at work. Employees may be geographically dispersed widely and in different time zones, so e-learning or online training helps all to be trained whenever and wherever it is convenient.
  • Cost effective: Online training cuts costs of training such as arranging venue, transport cost, cost of printing study material, travel, catering etc. Cost can be saved when updating of learning material is required as there is no need to print fresh material.
  • Improved productivity: the work force is always looking for growth opportunities. Online learning helps employees to acquire new skills, without taking them away from valuable time at work. This improves their productivity.
  • Improvement of pedagogy:Studies have proved that e-learning modes like gamification helps improve retention and learner engagement. Today there is a trend to adopt gamification in staff learning programs. E-learning also uses interactive formats and personalized study programs. E-learning development company can be approached to develop training material. Thus, it is a scientific and improved alternative to traditional modes of training.
  • Convenience and flexibility: there are no boundaries for online training. Employees can be trained wherever they have an internet connection. This reduces the time and effort spent on coordinating training programs. For instance, it is tough to arrange a training program for several employees in one venue. E-learning helps to make arranging training programs much easier.
  • Effective feedback: For one, employees are able to get timely feedback on their progress in the training program. Also, the management is also able to keep track of effectiveness s of training and progress of individual employees. This is through online tests and quizzes which are automatically graded.

These are some of the advantages of using e-learning to train the modern work force.

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