Commercialization of learning using the internet

The learning community in India is growing. This is not a surprise since the median age of India is 28 years. Most of the people will study and continue to study. The emphasis on education has increased and people are becoming more computer literate.
Attractive packages for better learning

The e-learning development company brings the education to those who want it. The learning packages are in small pieces and one must opt for a specific package. They cater to the kind of learning required by the working crowd today while designing the items in attractive modules. These are beautiful, colour ful, and animated. This makes the learning process interesting. Severe competition has led to low prices and good offers from the e-learning development company producing the learning software.
Learning through pictures

The best means of learning is through pictures and sounds. This kind of storytelling and picture animation makes the student enjoy and retain everything for a long time. For this reason, many of the software developers have changed the study material into pictures and stories. Undoubtedly, the entire thing is so entertaining for the children.
Game-based approach

The other approach is the game based approach where each game module addresses a set of questions. Different kinds of approaches have basis on different games.

Puzzle based games: Each of the puzzles leads to one solution. Develop the steps and reach your solution.

Story based games: This is the most loosely-jointed approach. A story leads the person through a series of steps. One must remember the approach each time and win the game.

Competitive games: In this you have more than one player competing for the prize. Each competitive game has different scenario and set of answers.

Jigsaw games: This is the easiest type of games for interactive learning. The individual blocks can only fit in one way. So, until the answer is right, the picture will not fit.

Word games: Here you must solve the words or its anagrams to get a series of steps. The game is either iterative or looping meaning the successive players may start from the beginning or they may start from where they join.

Interactive games: This game has a referee or middleman who does the riddling. When you get the answer right, you advance one step.

Character games: This kind of game has a leader who keeps suggesting steps or showing the clues. Only those who answer the clues will advance.

Learning advanced principles through pictures does not seem so feasible. But, this is the best way to learn. When the user gets a fair degree of competence in the games, he or she will can compose their own games for their study.

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