Benefits of Instructor Led Training


We will not be wrong in declaring that technology has revolutionized the entire format of training. Before technology took over, classrooms were a norm. But when Instructor led training (ILT) came into existence, the entire classroom environment has changed drastically. There is a mixture of the old school learning combined with the new technology. Together, they can teach the learners in the most convenient and efficient way. This was assisted by reading materials provided by the instructors.

Pros of instructor led classroom training –

  • There is one on one interaction between the instructor and the students. Because of the face to face interaction, learning is much more easy and fun.
  • The instructors are experts in their field and they are the best people that you can learn from. They know the subjects like the back of their hand and will help the learner out when in doubt.
  • Real time discussion help the students to analyze the material better.
  • The doubts are cleared instantly because there is an expert who answers questions and validate the students learning potential.
  • Proper feedback is given by the instructor which helps the learners to work hard if necessary.
  • With the face to face classes, the instructor will know the learners better. This way he can decide how to approach a subject so that the learner finds it easy to understand.
  • Individual attention is given to each learner thus making him an expert by the time the course is completed.
  • You can see less dropouts in ILT because the motivational levels are too high. There is great encouragement from the instructor as well as the co learners.
  • The speed of the learner will not be an issue because the instructor will move at the pace that the learner is most comfortable in.
  • Here the learners can make mistakes and learn through them. There is no hurry in finishing off the session.
  • If there are group interactions, then it all the more effective. The learners can be helpful to each other in understanding the course. The synergy in learning is very positive and has great outcomes. It also helps in network building which is crucial these days.
  • There is practical knowledge gained through ILT which is not possible in any other mode of learning. The learners are presented with kinesthetic skills – you learn as you do.
  • Instructor led online courses are convenient to take up when you are busy with other work.
  • ILT may not be the best of the learning processes, but it is the most convenient one. Thus, ILT is considered the gold standard. It is certainly a better option than many other available today. ILT is high-quality training which produces better learners than anywhere else.

The only cons of the ILT are considered to be expensive and time consuming. But, we see cost people opting for this process because it has value for money.

Though technology has changed the concept of training, ILTs is still the best way of learning. Thus, you can see more and more people opting for it in their busy schedule. The benefits of taking up ILT are tremendous and very effective.

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