Apart From Schools, Where Else Can E-learning Be Used?

e-learning in the banking sector

The fountain of knowledge is ever flowing with its evolution from the olden times to modern times. E-learning has been the newest addition, spreading its wings in not only schools and colleges, but also the automotive sector. E-learning automobileis considered as a meaningful aid to the practical experience that is gained in the automotive industry.

About self-driving cars.

  • E-learning solutions can still be used in self-driving cars because the computers are not well-equipped to work in making ad hoc decisions, the kind that can be easily handled by human beings.
  • Self-driving cars are the newest development, as it is a step towards automation. Companies such as Toyota and Volvo are already commenced research and development in this direction in an effort to reduce accidents across the globe. 95% of automobile accidents are a product of human error, and eliminating the human control over the automobile can cause a significant reduction in the number of accidents that are usually caused by them.
  • E-learning initiatives can be used to update new technologies and help maintain a control over the self-driving car at all times.

The success in the automotive sector can also be seen due to the introduction of e-learning in the banking sector.

How e-learning will cause a success if used in the banking sector.

  • The banking industry comprises of a competitive vertical market, where embracing technological advancements can be used to step up in the industry and distinguish leaders in the scenario.
  • E-learning programs can impart comprehensive knowledge to participants through user friendly techniques.
  • Efficiency in IT skills of all bank employees can be enhanced using e-learning. This keeps them updated, comfortable, and efficient with the changing technologies; for example, e-learning can be used to get them acquainted with remote user’s authentication with remote banking systems.
  • Customers are looking for customer satisfaction all the time, and they frown upon new products that don’t suit their personal needs or appeal to their brains. In such areas, a strong human resource base that can quickly comprehend with the little training provided and apply it whenever a new product is launched is required. E-learning can help in designed a quick assessment mechanism that will help in selecting the most suitable employees.
  • E-learning contributes greatly in helping banks create and release new products and services and help in the betterment of existing ones. Sales personnel and front-line officers need to be well versed wit these products and services, and know the important features such as products characteristics and benefits well in advance. E-learning strategies provide straight solutions for these problems and also aid their sales performance with prior training and content development.
  • Feedback provided by the participants such as their consumer handling success stories can lead to developing a diverse learning culture among the organization.
  • The geographical barriers are completely eradicated as expansion of the bank can take place with no worries, and employees can be trained at one central location with e-learning techniques.

It is very effective in providing the necessary regular compliance training. Games and quizzes can help employees maintain concentration during work.

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