A Quick Overview of the Different eLearning Solution Types


Several studies have found that well-designed “eLearning programs” can result in information retention rates of up to 25%-60%. E-learning is becoming increasingly popular due to its flexibility, cost-saving features, and ability to deliver excellent training outcomes.

What is the power of eLearning, and how does it benefit us? 

eLearning is a popular method of delivering educational content and has many benefits. It can supplement traditional classroom-based learning or as a standalone educational tool. eLearning is flexible and convenient, allowing learners to study at their own pace and in their own time. It can also be customized to meet the specific needs of individual learners. eLearning can be an effective way to learn new skills and knowledge. It can help you deepen your understanding of a subject, learn in a way that suits your preferred learning style, revise and consolidate your knowledge, prepare for exams or assessments, manage your learning, and progress at your own pace.

Types of eLearning Courses

An e-Learning course is a multimedia package that includes types of e-learning content like videos, images, texts, and interactive elements such as click-to-discover, drag-and-drop, questions, quizzes, results, games, navigation controls, etc.

Game-Based Learning Courses

Of course, everybody likes games! So why not put that into learning? That is exactly what we do in Game-Based Learning. It takes its inspiration from the various addictive games we used to play in our childhood using different simulators like Play Stations, Mobile Phones, Game Boys, Joysticks, and so on. Game-based training involves a fantasy and creative element that engages the user to keep playing, unlike the traditional way of reading books which could often make you sleepy. It is beneficial for visual and practical learners.

Custom Learning Courses

Everyone chooses different types of e-learning customized to their needs in this era of online learning. On a global scale, “everyone” refers to people or organizations like colleges, schools, business firms, etc. Similarly, Dynamic Pixel offers programs, services, and products customized to your needs and preferences. The client’s needs and specific criteria are addressed. For instance, a company that produces cars created a unique e-learning program for its staff. Designers, engineers, and accountants can use the same course according to their needs.

As was already said, there are several advantages to the prevalent custom courses. As a result, you can add some elements that are not included in standard e-Learning courses. 

Mobile learning

E-learning has a subclass called mobile learning as well. It focuses on education using portable technology like laptops, tablets, phones, etc. Making learning portable and improved is the fundamental tenet of mobile learning.

Mobile learning is gradually gaining popularity when it comes to sharing knowledge from an eLearning source with the general public. Employees who participate in mobile learning can access online courses on their smartphones at a speed that suits them. 

The following advantages of mobile learning:-

  • Compared to heavy textbooks and personal computers, mobile devices are easier to carry. 
  • It covers a wide range of learners. Mobile phones are much more popular than personal computers.
  •  From a learner’s perspective, it has reduced the cost of learning.

E-Learning on Product Explanation

The one thing that any business depends on is SALES. The more sales, the more money you make! The salesperson is the most crucial employee in the company. He is the one who goes out and approaches potential customers to sell them the product. The basis for sales is the product. Practically every little nuance of the product must be known by the salesperson representing the company. In the employment market, a good salesperson must meet extremely high standards.

E-Learning on their Applications/Software

Large organizations use various enterprise software to maintain efficient staff processes. A good example would be the SAP Environment, which has many applications, including SAP R/3, SAP ABAP for databases, SAP FI for financial transaction records, and SAP HANA for analytics. It can be challenging to learn how to use these applications, though. Getting used to the atmosphere is much easier said than done for a recruit.

Why choose us?

Dynamic Pixel is an enthusiastic organization that works toward the mission of inventiveness and finding more innovative ways to accomplish our objectives. We strive to improve the world using technology and stand by the maxim, “If there is any solution possible we have it, if not we will discover it.” Our E-Learning courses are indispensable – they provide reliable and practical training. To guarantee quality, our content, interactive simulations, graphics, and quizzes, keeping learning exciting and enjoyable. We furthermore offer e-learning courses that let users take part from Anwhere and at anytime.

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