Fate of 2D Animation: Is It Going to be Bugged by 3D

Over the last few decades, the need for animation is sky high whether it is for creating cartoon characters or doing some unnatural things in the movies, conceptualizing the selling idea of service, or making the whole thing realistic. Moreover, hail to the 2D animation; we have had decades of successful time practicing it where 2D animation has been practiced all over the world from the 1800s.


So, actually, it is the creativity which is liked with a bit of the latest and transformed technology, where we now have 3D over the 2D. But do you really think, are we going to miss 2D? What would be the fate of 2D?

Well, we doubt, but we should doubt on that doubt because the 2-dimensional animation is going nowhere. Let us read about.

Two-dimensional animation: A know-how

2D animation videos are created either by hand or by computer. They require one image followed by another in slightly different position, followed by another in other position and so on to create the movement. 2D animation not only makes an animator but also an artist because you need to know how to draw and what to draw.

Need of 2D over 3D

In the early 90s, when Warner Brothers and Walt Disney used this in their films, the growth of animation history was rapidly increased leading to the creation of many kinds of technology in the animation field. For example, the latest technology comes to replace 2D, which is 3D being more realistic than 2D but still the later has the craze all over the world.

Want to learn 3D: Learn 2D first

Even though the computer world is more apprehensive for 3D, it is still a 2D image in the end. The growth of 3D may decline the 2D usage but it could never end the usage of later.

Benefits of 2D Animation

2D animators still have the market to stabilize their growth, not rapidly, though. Here are the reasons why is that possible-

  1. Most of the cartoon shows have been running in 2D animation and they cannot afford the cost of 3D. Therefore, a career is there.
  2. Once you are able to learn 2D, this meant you have learned 90% of 3D.
  3. Children in India have been a lover of the 2D animated picture and this craze is going run for another decade.


2D animation company in India is well placed in the sector of animation because of the cost and facilities. This technology is never going to fade away from the animation sector. It will always remain a silent contributor to the world.

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