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Importance and demand for e learning is growing at a tremendous speed in India and the world. It is not constrained with educational sector, bust instead with almost all of the sectors. The system makes learning free from the traditional study materials like books, pens, blackboards etc. This learning is fully developed with innovative technologies

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Mobile Based Learning

Mobile Based Learning Has Brought New Edge In E-Learning

Apart from website based learning, e-learning has also extended its scope to mobile based learning application and people can now use such application on the go. Mobile based application has the biggest advantage of movability and portability. What are mobile based learning applications? Mobile learning is also a subset of e-learning. It focuses on learning

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game based e learning

How to Develop Effective E-learning Content For Your Learners?

When it comes to developing content for e-learning, the needs of the learners become the first priority. The suitable content can help the learners grow their skills, improve their knowledge and increase their performance levels as well. Here, you will find the most effective tips to ensure a perfect educational content development. Include the stakeholders In

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E Learning Companies In India – Experience The Amazement In Learning

K12 learning has already attracted the attention of several schools and students in the country. Yes, this amazing form of learning is entirely different from the traditional learning and teaching method. Children should love learning. But traditional learning method demand children to carry lot of books and they are got tired with the same old

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What Are The Benefits Of E-Learning?

Class room based training is becoming redundant for the modern corporate organization. The costs of traditional classroom based training have become more prohibitive even if employees had the time to attend seminars and courses. This has transformed the way organizations train employees. The modern modality of e-learning has made training flexible, efficient and convenient. The

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Use of 2d Animation In E-Learning

From fantastic anime works of art to popular Disney characters, animation can transport one to a dream world. But animation also has some practical applications. For instance, they can be a priceless tool for e-learning which provides an emotional connection and gets learners excited about the process of e-learning. Why to use animation in e-learning?

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Learning Becomes Super Interesting When You Opt For Online Courses!

The old traditional method of education was a boring classroom where 60-70 children used to sit on wooden benches and different teachers or instructors used to come according to the time table and teach children different subjects. Only a few out of the lot used to get everything that teachers used to explain. Rest of

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E-Learning Program

Are You Looking For Someone To Develop An Educational E-Learning Program For Your Institution?

Education always stays with us no matter what age we become. It is never confined to the gates of our Almighty School. Hence education is priceless. If you are an educational institution owner as well as a visionary who constantly strive to improve the education level for your students, then it’s very important for you

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